Personal injury attorney takes on negligent property owners

Premises Liability Attorney - Johnstun Injury Law - serving the greater Portland areaA premises liability attorney with a proven record of success has the knowledge and skills needed to hold property owners responsible when a guest or visitor is injured. Jacob Johnstun of Johnstun Injury Law LLC in St. Helens, Oregon, is committed to pursuing compensation claims against negligent owners who fail to keep their properties safe.

Lawyer for premises liability victims holding owners liable

State law imposes a duty on property owners to properly maintain and keep safe the premises they own to ensure the safety of others using the property. The extent to which an owner might be held liable is determined by the status of the person venturing onto the property. For purposes of premises liability, there are three classes of people:

  • Invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers

Invitees are houseguests or other people entering the property at the invitation of the owner. Liability for injuries to invitees caused by dangerous conditions depends upon the owner failing to remedy conditions of which he or she should have been aware.

Anyone entering property for business purposes, such as contractors, customers in a retail store or police officers responding to a call, are entitled to protection from injuries due to dangerous conditions on the premises. The lawyer for a licensee injured on the property of another person must prove the following in order to recover damages:

  • Existence of a dangerous condition
  • Actual knowledge by the owner of the condition
  • Inability of licensee to know of or discover the condition
  • Failure of owner to correct the condition or warn licensee
  • Injury to licensee caused by the condition

Trespassers are on premises without permission. The only duty owed to them by the owner is to refrain from intentionally creating conditions designed to cause injury.

Damages recoverable by people injured on someone’s premises

After a personal injury attorney presents evidence establishing a property owner’s liability in a particular case, jurors may compensate victims for their damages, including:

  • Reimbursement for medical expenses
  • Estimated medical expenses for future treatment of the injuries
  • Disability
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering

Committed to a client’s wellbeing

Personal injury attorney Jacob Johnstun at Johnstun Injury Law LLC in Columbia County is dedicated to helping victims of dog attacks, slip and falls, or other incidents recover damages whether they are injured at someone’s home or while out shopping. Schedule a FREE consultation and case evaluation by calling 503-610-5399.

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