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Dog Bite Attorney at Johnstun injury law - serving POrtland OR and St Helens ORDogs can be loyal and faithful companions for their Oregon owners, but when they attack other people, the physical and emotional pain and injuries can be devastating. Dog bite victims have come to depend upon the compassionate and formidable representation offered to them by personal injury attorney Jacob Johnstun of Johnstun Injury Law LLC to achieve the maximum compensation possible for their injuries.

Explaining the state’s one-bite rule

There is a commonly held belief that no liability exists against an owner unless a dog has actually bitten someone in the past. This is based on the state requirement that owners be aware of their dog’s propensity to attack in order to be held liable to pay compensation to a victim.

Concluding that Oregon law follows a strict one-bite rule under which owners can only be held if their dog previously attacked and bit someone is incorrect. A personal injury lawyer can obtain compensation for victims of dogs that bite for the first time by proving the owner should have known of the vicious or dangerous nature of the animal because of traits or behaviors, including:

  • Growling at people
  • Snapping or lunging as people approach or pass by
  • Baring its teeth
  • Attacking other dogs and animals

Biting someone puts a dog’s owner on notice of its vicious nature and makes the owner liable when it attacks again. Proving behaviors and traits putting the owner on notice of the vicious nature of the dog is another method of establishing liability.

Fighting for damages for the victims

Owners of dogs that engage in unprovoked attacks could be liable for the economic and noneconomic damages suffered by victims. Damages could include the following:

  • Costs associated with medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost earnings or wages
  • Reduced future earnings due to disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and humiliation
  • Interference with usual day-to-day activities
  • Loss of consortium of a loved one
  • Permanent scarring and/or impairment

Each dog and each attack is different, so the damages suffered by someone who is attacked can vary from one case to another. Some people might only suffer a minor puncture wound while others could receive severe lacerations and scarring, broken bones, and emotional and psychological disorders. It is up to a skilled personal injury lawyer to analyze the facts and circumstances of each case to develop and execute a strategy to achieve a successful result.

Attorneys must be aware of local laws and ordinances

Some local municipalities have laws that are stricter in the requirements they impose on dog owners than are the state laws. For example, violation of a local law or ordinance requiring owners to keep their dogs on a leash when out in public could be the basis for a negligence claim against the owner if the dog bites someone while roaming free.

Trusted legal advice and skilled representation

Personal injury attorney Jacob Johnstun is committed to obtaining the compensation his clients deserve when they suffer a physical injury due to the negligence of another person. Anyone injured when bitten by a dog should contact the St. Helens office of Johnstun Injury Law LLC to schedule a FREE consultation and case evaluation by calling 503-610-5399.


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